VersaClimber: what is a climbing machine and the best ones to buy

2022-10-09 09:22:28 By : Mr. oscar jia

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If it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston...

Given how goddamn hot Jennifer Aniston is, we're willing to try any workout – and we mean any – that's got her seal of approval.

While we already know she works out a helluva lot (five times a week to be exact), as well as being a keen yogi, fan of eating whole foods and sticking to intermittent fasting, she recently opened up about one exercise in particular that she's added to her fitness regime.

Introducing, the VersaClimber: which Jennifer candidly told Byrdie she actually has a "love/hate relationship" with. *Insert dad joke about loving eating, hating working out here*.

But all dad jokes aside, despite her mixed feelings towards using a vertical climber machine, the Friends star also admitted it will probably grow on her the same way other exercises did. "I used to have a love/hate relationship with the jump rope, though, and now I love it," she said.

So, what actually is the VersaClimber? We asked a pro to find out...

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VersaClimber (a brand of vertical climber) expert and co-founder of Sweat BXR, featuring the UK's first VersaClimbing Room, Alex Nicholl says, "The VersaClimber is a unique machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing and allows for a full body cardio workout."

According to Alex, it's easy to add a vertical climber into your workout regime, and on top of that, using a vertical climber is "an amazing alternative to any cardio machine (bike or rower etc) as it's completely non-impact, total body and will burn more calories per minute than any of the alternatives."

As for what the VersaClimber benefits are, Alex explains, "Vertical climbing tones your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs while also providing a calorie blasting cardio workout."

"The combination of cardio and strength training that climbing provides allows the body to achieve higher output in less time."

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But, vertical climbers aren't new on the workout scene. In fact, the exercise machine was a huge hit in the 1980s. As VersaClimber sales manager, Brett Collins, told ESPN, "The big heyday for VersaClimber was the late '80s. It was running on all cylinders. It was very, very busy."

Thanks to stars like Jennifer Aniston though, it seems the the VersaClimber (and its copycat fellow climber machines) is making a long-overdue comeback. Need another example? To prepare for her Super Bowl half time show in 2017, Lady Gaga told ABC News that she used the VersaClimber while singing. "I work out a lot, and I do VersaClimbing while I sing," she said, "Because the show is full-on cardio... it's cardio while singing."

Fancy checking one out yourself? Here's our top vertical climber machine pick: