Human Horizons’ HiPhi X Is World’s Most Spectacular Full-Size Luxury Crossover EV

2022-06-25 04:27:21 By : Ms. Josie Wu

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It's among the world's most technologically advanced EVs.

The HiPhi X is the first evolvable super SUV in the world and raises the bar for high-end electric vehicles around the world. It was created and manufactured by industry-leading new mobility and intelligent driving technology company, Human Horizons. In September 2020, the Human Horizons HiPhi X mass production model was unveiled. The HiPhi X 4-seater, which costs $119,150, was unveiled to customers at the Chengdu Motor Show (Hall 10 Booth H1002). HiPhi X achieves a wide opening of the vehicle by combining a suicide door with a gullwing door.

Over 1,000 HiPhi X devices have already been distributed to eager users throughout China in the 100 days since its initial rollout. The Chengdu Motor Show, which ran from August 29 to September 7, also featured the previously released 6-seater Performance, Luxury, and Flagship models in addition to the 4-seater model.

Ding Lei, the founder and CEO of Human Horizons, commented on the delivery of the 4-seater HiPhi X as follows: We at Human Horizons are dedicated to co-creating with our neighborhood. With the ultra-luxury HiPhi X, we are now ending the 50-year monopoly of foreign luxury brands and raising the bar for luxury electric vehicles in this nation. Chinese automakers are entering an exciting new era, and we at Human Horizons are proud to be leading the sector with our concept of TECHLUXE, which combines cutting-edge technology with top-notch luxury to offer our customers a completely distinctive driving experience.

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The HiPhi X comes with a single motor/rear-wheel drive and a dual motor/all-wheel drive drivetrain. For simpler maneuvering, it also has a 4-wheel steering system. A Bosch electric motor with a single reduction gear delivers 268-hp to the rear wheels and powers the HiPhi X. A total of 536 HP can also be produced by the dual-motor 4WD model. The 96 kWh battery in the HiPhi X has a 400-mile range.

The HiPhi X has a matrix lighting system that can be customized and four-wheel steering. The HiPhi X has 562 sensors and is the first model to be mass-produced with a 5G-V2X communication network. These vehicles come with a fully human-oriented HMI that can address a variety of issues and improve the user experience. The data analysis engine and cloud computing are used for information analysis and decision-making on the Human Horizons HiPhi X, which has 6 computing platforms and 4 domain controllers.

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With an optional low-gloss matte clear coat, the HiPhi X radiates luxury from the outside. Especially in the EV segment, the HiPhi X has a number of mass-produced passenger vehicle firsts for the world and the industry. These include the intelligent AI-powered HiPhi Play interactive visual display, smart ISD interactive lamps and lighting systems, and smart PML programmable headlights.

There are four sizable seats with adjustable backrests, leg rests, and footrests inside the roomy cabin, which is furnished with imported fine-woven wool carpets for both comfort and practicality. The 8-inch rear high-definition touch screen can automatically open the onboard smart refrigerator for rear seat passengers, which can fit a luxury champagne bottle, glasses, and tray and create a genuine sense of glitz. To complete the functional yet stylish design, the rear center armrest is furnished with numerous charging ports, mobile phone slots, and cup holders.

Numerous new innovations are included in the HiPhi X, such as the visually stunning NT Doors and the fully integrated open smart HiPhi Service Oriented Architecture (H-SOA), which connects and controls the operation of the vehicle using the most recent IoT technology. The HiPhi X also features some of the most advanced in-vehicle software systems available, enabling the HiPhi Pilot to take over six crucial driving systems with dual redundancy: perception, computing, braking, power, steering, and battery.

The designers had no restrictions because they could create a layout that was completely optimized for EVs because the vehicle was designed from the beginning to be an EV. With the adoption of vegan leather and the use of recyclable materials, its lightweight hybrid aluminum construction, which is 208 inches long, will enhance the idea of sustainability.

Human Horizons is giving all new HiPhi owners special privileges to commemorate the highly anticipated HiPhi X rollout. These privileges include lifetime free roadside assistance, lifetime free 5G connectivity (up to 10 GB cellular data per month), and a 14-day worry-free guarantee. This support service extends to the charging infrastructure, where Human Horizons has joined forces with State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, and TELD to connect 230,000 public charging stations with HiPhi X-compatible public charging across more than 500 cities and significant highway networks.

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