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Recognized as “The Godfather of Bodybuilding”, Charles Glass has a meticulous nature when it comes to muscle building, which has resulted in an extremely successful career as a coach. In a recent YouTube video, Glass gave a demonstration on five different variation exercises designed to build calves. 

Charles Glass’ dedication to fitness and muscle building is evident in his routine workouts. Regardless of the body type, Glass understands that different physiques require variable exercises. From movements to build the inner-chest, legs, or back, there isn’t a body part that Charles hasn’t addressed in his time as a prominent coach. 

As of late, Glass offered some words of wisdom in a different area of expertise. With the rising number of deaths in bodybuilding, many have begun voicing their concern for the use/abuse of PEDs. Moreover, high-profile bodybuilders like George “Da Bull” Peterson, 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden, and most recently, the passing of the late Cedric McMillan triggered the sporting community to discuss the matters in detail. Glass has addressed the concerns and believes counterfeit PEDs are playing a role in the alarming rate of deaths present in the sport. 

Staying busy as one of the most prolific coaches in fitness, Charles Glass shared another workout routine dedicated to building better calves.

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Below you can find a full list of the workouts featured in Charles Glass’ YouTube video

The total amount of reps and sets were unclear in the footage provided.

The first exercise Charles Glass utilizes is calf presses on the leg machine.

“All the way down. Stretch, stretch, see how that moves? Come up. Back, come up, lean forward when you come up. Perfect, don’t change it. Now turn your heels into each other, when you go up, feel the big toe move.” Glass explains.

In the second exercise, Glass stresses to keep the pressure on the knee to get a better burn in the calves.

“Well, you want a complete rep, because you got to stretch with it because you got to come up and go up into the calve.”

Charles explains that leaning back provides more tension in the workout. 

“You want to keep that pressure on the knee. Most of the people start on their quads not their calves.” Charles said.

Next, Glass points out that leaning forward during standing calf raises results in losing leverage. During this exercise one set was shown consisting of six reps.

During the fourth movement, Glass offered some advice on how to optimize building muscle in the calves.

“I like mine to be wrapped underneath. The pressure here, going into my calves. I don’t want it on my back up here, because I won’t feel it. So, we try to keep it on our butt so we can push through with the calves.” Glass continued.

“Look at dancers, good dancers, all he did was squat jumps, humongous calves, because it’s the explosion that you have to do, and most people don’t explode right there, (points to upper calve).” 

Charles says that turning the foot at different angles can affect the way the calve grows. 

“You want to keep that pressure on the big toe, then you feel the inside head move.” Charles added.

“Now what I want you to do is turn it inward like this, heel has to go out and toes stay in. Right, now feel that big toe movement. Really turn the heel and really roll on that toe, on that big toe, you’ll feel the inside head move.” 

For single leg calf raises, Charles mentioned that if one calf is bigger than the other, it’s advisable to add a little bit more reps to whichever body part needs to grow to catch up.

“I do one more set but I’m switching back and forth. One leg at a time. You got to.” Charles explains.

“When I train legs, I train legs one day, hams the next day, I’m going to do calves. It’s tough, but all the blood is where, in the legs, in the quads. That’s the part that you gotta do, you gotta suck it up and go.” 

When it comes to changing rep ranges for calve training twice a week, Glass said that he prefers higher reps in the 15-20 range. 

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There is no doubt when it comes to extensive and detailed workout routines, Charles is one of the best in the business. After offering five variable exercises for building calves, Glass reiterated that explosive movements are best for building muscle.

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