Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slams Briana DeJesus as 'petty and immature' for sending her a treadmill in 'body shaming' dig

2021-12-30 07:11:00 By : Ms. cherry wang

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry slammed Briana DeJesus as "petty and immature" for sending her a treadmill in a "body shaming" dig.

Kailyn shared her thoughts about Briana's actions in the latest episode of her tell-all podcast Baby Mamas No Drama.

Kailyn, 29, spoke on the lawsuit and the treadmill and launched into her recent experiences: "Touching on the lawsuit stuff: I felt like I handled that the best way. The lawsuit is not petty."

Kailyn sued Briana, 27, for defamation in June after claiming her co-star “physically beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry's sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez's mother.”

She continued in her podcast: "The lawsuit is me silently f***ing defending myself from felonies I did not commit. I'm going to defend myself. At what point do you choose between being a bigger person?

"I could have been petty right back. I could have said a lot back on social media. But that, to me, was not a thing.

So then fast forward to the treadmill: that hurts. That's hurtful. It's petty, and it's childish and it's immature. If you think that we can handle it privately and differently, then you wouldn't have sent me a treadmill the week before.

"I'm connecting the dots between what Chris and Lauren said versus what Briana did."

"I should have reacted differently to the stuff that Chris and Lauren did. I shouldn't have said anything on social media about it because it didn't really do anything for me.

"It didn't make me feel better, it didn't take away what they said, it didn't take away what they did, it didn't take away what I said to them."

Lauren Comeau is another one of Kailyn's rivals and is the ex-fiancé of Kailyn's ex Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn and Javi share their seven-year-old son Lincoln.

Chris Lopez shares their sons Lux, four, and Creed, one, with Kailyn.

Chris and Kailyn's bitter relationship has blown up recently, after he revealed that his new partner - whose name is not known - had given birth to a son.

Kailyn continued her rant on her podcast: "Moving on to the treadmill, I'm acting differently."

Metaphorically addressing Briana, Kailyn explained how she addressed the situation: "Thank you so much for the treadmill. I will find use for it. Did it hurt my feelings? Yeah.

"But at the end of the day, this is something that has to do with you, not me."

After Kailyn spilt all of the gossip on her podcast, fans had a mixed bag of reactions.

A Teen Mom fan page on Instagram captioned the audio clip from her podcast: "Briana DeJesus meant the treadmill for Kail to have something to run besides her mouth, considering it was ordered the same night Kail took to social media to start a rumor that Bri and Chris Lopez slept together (Kail left that part out of the discussion.

Kailyn had clapped back by telling fans Chris "f***ed" her nemesis Briana DeJesus after the two spent a few days together in Miami.

The Teen Mom account asked: "Whose perspective is right in the situation?"

One fan responded: "Kail is never the problem. She needs to get over herself and stop playing the victim."

A second said: "If you're going to speak about it, then mention it all! Address the rumor you started!"

A third called the lawsuit "frivolous and petty" and asked: "Who sues someone because their feelings got hurt?"

Yet a fourth chimed in and answered: "Neither is right. This whole feud is stupid."

Kailyn revealed what she did with the treadmill in an Instagram video.

The Teen Mom star had put the exercise equipment in the "dog room."

In the short clip, the treadmill was still inside its open box and had not been put together.

 The MTV star thanked Briana, also known as Briana Soto, "for the treadmill."

She added: "My dogs will love it."

Kailyn joked about being "lazy" and how she did not "have to walk" the dogs by herself. 

In the following story, the reality star also asked her followers if the treadmill should be on the left or right side of "the dog bath."

Since then, Kailyn's lawyer demanded Briana apologize to her enemy for sending her a treadmill to imply she's "overweight."

The Sun exclusively revealed Kailyn’s lawyer is now demanding Briana apologize for “antagonizing” her client. 

In court papers obtained by The Sun, Briana’s lawyer requested their upcoming court hearing be postponed from January 14, 2022 to January 19, 2022 because of a scheduling conflict on his end. 

The hearing is to rule on Briana’s anti-slapp motion, which protects a person’s freedom of speech, that was filed in August to have the case dismissed. 

Briana’s lawyer Marc Randazza complained Kailyn and her attorney Nicole Haff declined to consent to the continuance and provided their email exchange. 

Nicole’s alleged email to Marc sent on December 15 read: “We are a fairly laid back office and usually, we grant these... This, however, is an unusual case, and your client can ask the court for an adjournment. Ms. Lowry does not consent.”

Nicole explained how Kailyn’s ex and third baby daddy Chris Lopez’s declaration, where he admitted to spending time with Briana in Miami, was executed on November 2. 

But Marc didn’t file it until the night before Thanksgiving to “presumably upset” Kailyn before the holiday. 

She then wrote that Briana informed Kail via social media that she would be sending her a “surprise.”

The email continued: “The surprise was a treadmill. When read with the message, a reasonable reader would view it as your client calling my client overweight. 

“If your client wants favors from my client, she should stop antagonizing her and perhaps issue an apology for the very statements she made which is the focus of this lawsuit.” 

Marc responded that he “in no way intended to upset” Kailyn over the holiday and asked her lawyer to “extend a personal apology” if she was upset. 

He then wrote in the email: “The treadmill, well I had nothing to do with that. That seems like an awfully expensive thing to send to someone as an insult. If Ms. Lowry doesn’t want it, I could stand to lose a few pounds myself.”

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