‘Jungle Queen’ linked to Tiger King arrested in connection with shooting probe in South Carolina

2021-12-30 07:10:38 By : willson lin

The daughter of Bhagavan “Doc” Antle from Tiger King has been charged with possession of an unpermitted pistol, after a traffic stop in South Carolina.

Doc Antle is an animal trainer, owns a private zoo in Myrtle Beach, and featured on the hit Netflix show. His 27-year-old daughter Tawny Sky Antle, who describes herself as a “100 per cent Natural Tiger Queen”, was pulled over on Sunday because the car she was a passenger in matched the description of one reported during series of gunshots earlier in the day.

According to Myrtle Beach Police Department representative Tom Vest, no one was injured in the shooting earlier in the day, but two firearms were recovered from the vehicle Ms Antle was in.

Derek Justin Frost, 30, was driving the car and was arrested for allegedly having a black Glock 45 9mm in the door, without an open carry licence.

A multi-coloured Sig Sauer P36 9mm was also allegedly found in a red jacket on Ms Antle’s lap, according to The Sun News. Ms Antle was also charged with unlawfully carrying a pistol.

“Tawny is my youngest daughter who we love very much,” Doc Antle told The Sun News. “She is an adult who has her own life and is always sweet and kind. I am sure this will all work out to show she has not been involved in any wrongdoing.”

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Both Ms Antle and Mr Frost were released on $10,000 bonds.

Tawny Antle is also facing misdemeanour animal trafficking and animal cruelty charges, relating to the transportation of lion cubs to her father’s Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS)

"She's going to appeal because otherwise, she's going to die in federal prison," one legal expert told Insider.

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